1 January 2020: We have retired!


Geode Forensics Ltd. was incorporated in 2008 on the back of a previous partnership to undertake expert witness and forensic work in cases involving digital devices and media.


20 years and 2000 cases later it is time to retire - at age 66 I need no other reason than that but in recent years the rewards have been getting less and the grief and hassle have been increasing and now I have other things that I would prefer to do with my time.


A big "thank you" to clients who have used our services over the years and to them and to others looking for competent digital forensic and expert witness services we can recommend


Jim Borwick at KJB Computer Forensics Consultancy Ltd.


"Retirement" simply means that we will not be accepting any new instruction. Ongoing cases will be taken to completion as usual.



John Butler
Gruinard Tempeton